My name is Micky Locke. I was born in Rochford Essex in 1970. I married my husband Nick in April 1994 and then moved up to Manchester in April 1998.  On 2nd August 2004, Nick and I moved to Woodville in Derbyshire.

I am studying at College three mornings a week.  On Tuesday mornings I am studying CLAIT, which means Clued up about IT. CLAIT includes Graphs and Charts, Word Processing etc. On Thursday mornings I am studying Desktop Publishing, of which I have just completed level one and now doing level two, and on Fridays I am doing Word Processing level one part one and will be taking my part one exam very soon.

We have two cats and one dog, unfortunately we lost our oldest dog Sheba in June 1999 and our oldest cat Jet in November 2004.

Tabitha has some pages of her own, telling you her own little story.

Before we moved to Woodville, we lived in a nice house in Baguley, South Manchester.  Pictures of the new house will be coming soon.

Nick works for LogicaCMG, a big computer company.  Nick persuaded me to have lots of automation in our new house.

I am kept busy looking after the animals Waggy, Macavity and Tabitha.

On 23 April 2001, we celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. We spent a couple of days in Glasgow.  Some more stories and pictures of other wedding anniversaries will be coming soon, so watch this space.

Nick and I have been on some brilliant Holidays.  For Christmas and New Year 2005, we went away to Malta.

We went away to the east Coast for New Year 2004. While we were away we walked a lot and this has got us into the habit of walking somewhere most weekends.